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    The project you have in mind must comply with municipal and state zoning codes, whether you own, lease, or plan to buy. 

    At City Land Use, we have extensive experience in analyzing permitting history and its uniformity with community plans, building codes, and state regulations. We will guide you toward a keen understanding of what you can achieve.


    The most efficient building plans start with a schematic plan set. These plans, also called entitlement plans, include floor plans, parking plans, areas of use, elevations, site plans, plot plans, as well as grading, structural plans, and haul routes depending on the location. The entitlement plan set gets the ball rolling and allows decision-makers an opportunity to sign off on the intended project.

    At City Land Use, we can create your entitlement plans, and MEP building plans
    in-house or work with your architect on any project.


    The most critical ingredient for entitlement permits and building plans is excellent planning. The bedrock of approved projects relies on a detailed understanding and application of code.

    At City Land Use, we pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation to interpret and apply the most sophisticated planning approach to any project we take on. Our presentations are compelling. To date, we have won every entitlement case we have represented since the inception of our Company.


    Every neighborhood presents a unique quality of life. It is essential to understand the perspective of the surrounding community and work to achieve a balanced approach to what the code may allow and what the community will support.

    At City Land Use, we lead numerous community outreach campaigns through old fashioned door knocking, phone calling, social media, letters, local support, hearing testimony, and neighborhood gatherings. Our outreach team advocates the benefits of your project in even the most challenging of environments.


    The Principals of City Land Use have served at the highest appointed levels of state and local government. We have first-hand experience in the rationale of government decision making and we understand the nexus between the government and the community it serves.

    Our hearing presentations and lobbying efforts are well crafted to communicate a message that offers insight into the benefits of a well-planned project that understands its impact on the community and goals of local government.


    City Land Use navigates the labyrinth of building plans and permit clearances.

    Our expediters have background experience in construction and planning and capitalize on our good working relationships with city officials and municipal agencies to cut through the red tape and get your permit processed in record time. 


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